Appointment Fees (Distance appointments via Zoom, Skype, and phone available)

We recommend a 90-minute Initial Appointment as standard where possible, or a 2-hour Initial Appointment for more complex health concerns. It is important you have enough time with us and feel satisfied and confident in your understanding of everything we have discussed and the direction forward for your health. 

Appointment fees are charged on a time-utilised basis with EFTPOS facilities offered for payment ease. Brief 15-30 minute Initial Appointments are also available for acute health matters. Please note, after hours, public holiday, or emergency care appointments may be charged at a higher rate.

Initial Appointment     Book an Appointment

  60 Minute Appointment 75 Minute Appointment 90 Minute Appointment
Initial Appointment $219 $259 $299

Review Appointment

  30 Minute Appointment 45 Minute Appointment 60 Minute Appointment
Review Appointment $99 $149 $199

Appointment Policy

In accordance with the Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA) guidelines, 3 full working days’ notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. If less than 3 full working days’ notice is provided, the Appointment fee will still be billed.
Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you happen to be running late through unforeseeable circumstances, please call the office to let us know on (08) 9479 5310.

Pathology Preparation Fees

If you have completed blood tests, medical tests, or scans within the last few years we will automatically access and prepare these ahead of your initial appointment. Past results provide highly valuable information which has often been previously overlooked and allows us to organise new and relevant testing.

Each set of result/s accessed, interpreted, or prepared by us acquire a Pathology Preparation Fee usually between $15 – $295 as your results are accessed and prepared prior to your appointment in a separate, allocated time.

We prepare your results with exciting and detailed information providing confident answers and solutions to your health concerns. We will explain these through our unique understanding of biochemistry, science and integrative natural medicine and provide copies for you to keep with optimal functional medicine reference ranges included.

Email and Telephone Communication Between Appointments:

We welcome all queries, requests, updates, and communication between appointments! Due to the high volume of emails and the busy nature of our practice we by necessity bill for email communication and tasks requested between appointments which take more than 5 minutes.
These are billed at our standard fees, for example, 15 mins is $69, and 30 minutes is $99; please note after-hours or emergency care may be charged at a higher rate.

Let us guide you to a happier, healthier you.