Herbal Medicine

The wisdom of herbal medicine

Herbal Medicine is the traditional medicine of all cultures and is based upon experience which has been accumulated over thousands of years.

Many modern medications originated from herbal medicines, although only herbal medicine preserves the perfect balance nature originally provided with all active constituents remaining intact.

What are the benefits?

Utilising plants as medicine may provide significant advantages for many health concerns. The therapeutic activity of a medicinal plant is due to its complex chemical nature. These powerful active constituents of the herb are how particular herbs provide specific therapeutic effects.

There are amazing herbal medicines for acute-care situations such as anxiety, stress, insomnia; colds, flu, sinus issues; and digestive issues such as reflux, bloating and coeliac disease support.

There are also beautiful herbal medicines for chronic or longer-term conditions such as elevated blood pressure, chronic infections and reduced adrenal health. 

Most herbal medicine can be dispensed as liquids, powders, tablets or capsules.

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