Feeling stressed?

Most of us experience feelings of stress at some point in our lives, but for many people it’s a daily occurrence which ends up affecting their mood, sleep, general health, and happiness.

Stress seems to be unavoidable in our busy, modern-day lives, but it shouldn’t take over our lives, or make us feel ill or unhappy.


What is Stress?

Our bodies are actually designed with mechanisms to help us cope with and withstand stress, yet too much stress can deplete our stress-coping reserves and have us feeling fragile, stressed or anxious. So what can be done to help us through stress, or recover from a particularly stressful period? Thankfully there is a lot!

The body’s mechanism to help us cope with stress is the adrenal hormone cortisol. Cortisol is our primary stress-coping hormone, and is released by the body during any mental, emotional, or physiological (physical) stress to help us manage the stressful situation.

When there has been a period of high stress, or even low-grade stress over a longer period of time, the body struggles to produce enough cortisol to keep us coping well and feeling good. As cortisol levels drop, our stress-coping ability also drops, and we may find ourselves more stressed than usual, easily stressed, feeling anxious or having difficulty with our sleep and energy levels.

The first step back to great health is to test your stress-coping hormones, to see where your levels currently are. This allows us to accurately correct these hormones back to healthy levels, and have you feeling happy, healthy and ready to tackle the world in no time.

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