Digestive Testing

The digestive system

The digestive system is often recognised as the foundation for long-term health and well-being.

This is where we digest and absorb nutrients required for every bodily function, and provide the building blocks to continuously repair and create each cell of the human body.

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Digestive testing

Coeliac Disease Testing

Coeliac disease testing, often termed ‘coeliac disease screen is a specific blood test for autoimmune markers against gluten and gliadin.
This test is recommended for people suspected of gluten allergy who are still consuming gluten within their daily diet.

“Coeliac Gene” Testing: HLA DR DQ

This genetic blood or buccal cell test displays whether a person has a genetically predisposed allergy or sensitivity to gluten.
This can be particularly helpful if a person does not wish to consume gluten prior to the standard coeliac disease screen or has already eliminated gluten from their diet.

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