Skin Conditions

Many Australians suffer from skin conditions

Many Australians suffer from skin conditions, which can impact their quality of life and happiness. Our skin is actually the largest organ of the body, and when healthy, assists to eliminate toxins, regulate body temperature and protect the inside of the body from potential invading micro-organisms. The skin is also our outer layer that the world sees and having healthy skin is often a top priority for anyone who has experienced a skin condition.

Adrenal Fatigue

Just as there are many different skin conditions, there are also many different possible causes of skin conditions.

Some of the most common causes involve:

  • Hormones. Hormone imbalance particularly plays a role in teenage and young adult acne. Fortunately hormonal imbalance is usually easily corrected within a short period of time.
  • Stress. It is well known that stress can exacerbate an existing skin condition, and can also be involved with the onset of a skin condition.
  • Lymphatic Congestion. The lymph system is part of the body’s detoxification system, a drainage network that can become congested or “clogged up”. Lymphatic congestion is usually involved with non-hormonal acne, and requires short term lymphatic drainage natural medicine.
  • Digestion. Digestive issues may include food allergies, antibiotic use, Candida overgrowth or intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”). Digestion is especially implicated in childhood and adult eczema and psoriasis.
  • Underlying Inflammation. Low grade, chronic or systemic tissue inflammation is invisible from the outside, yet very common with most chronic skin complaints such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • Nutrient Deficiency. A lack of specific nutrients that the skin requires, such as zinc, Vitamin D, and essential fatty acids can create a weak skin barrier. The skin barrier needs to be strong and healthy, to avoid skin conditions such as dermatitis, and fungal infections.

As can be seen from the common causes of skin conditions, resolving skin complaints for long-term healthy skin will often require more than just lotions and creams. The good news is that natural medicine can assist with all of these causes, plus many other individual cases.

For most of our patients, once we begin addressing the cause of their skin condition visible improvements will usually begin within the first two weeks of treatment, and continue to steadily improve with truly remarkable results.

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