Compounded Natural Medicines

Compounded natural medicines are created for your individual needs!

Our practice is connected with compounding pharmacies throughout Australia, whom are well-trained in nutritional compounding services and able to post your medicines directly to you if you’re unable to collect them.

Looking for individualised health solutions and less natural medicines?

Compounded natural medicines are prescribed by your practitioner to suit your specific needs. We commonly prescribe a compounded natural medicine to fulfil multiple needs, which may otherwise require numerous natural medicines to fulfil.

What Are The Benefits?

Compounded natural medicines may be beneficial for:

  • Children whom are unable to swallow capsules or dislike certain flavouring found in normal natural medicines.
  • Patients unable to tolerate or take supplements orally; here a transdermal cream may be utilised.
  • Patients requiring highly therapeutic doses of specific natural medicines and nutrients, such as pyroluria patients.

Some examples of compounded natural medicines include:

  • Mineral capsules.
  • Vitamin capsules.
  • Mixed nutrient capsules, which may include vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
  • Topical creams for acne and other skin lesions.
  • Transdermal nutritional creams ie) zinc for pyroluria patients or transdermal iron.

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