Health Testing Overview

We do things differently when it comes to finding answers for you

At Wellness Perth Natural Medicine, we’re proud to be at the forefront of modern medicine, utilising blood testing and other health tests to find answers and solutions for your health concerns.

The reason we’re so passionate about health testing is simply because once we’ve found the reason behind what’s going on, it usually becomes very simple to fix the problem….and have you back to great health!

If a patient presents with fatigue or low mood, how else can we tell if low thyroid, low iron or low adrenal hormones are the cause?  Depending on your individual health history we may discuss testing adrenal hormones, immune markers or digestive tests… there are literally thousands of tests available to us.

Some of these may be familiar to you, like normal blood tests, whilst others may be new to you, such as neurotransmitter testing, salivary or urinary hormones, candida testing, and digestive testing.

Testing allows success

Many of our patients have experienced the difficulty of seeing doctor after doctor, or naturopaths and healthcare practitioners to no avail. Yet finally when they come to us, we’re able to find solutions for them.

Our experience in pathology and health testing ensures we resolve the underlying cause/s of your health concerns as quickly as possible. Once we receive your results most of our patients feel dramatic and rapid improvements in their health and well-being, from mild fatigue conditions to serious chronic illnesses.

Are you looking for answers for your health concerns? Allow us to take the guess-work out of your healthcare, and have you feeling truly well just as you deserve to.

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